Experts Want to Stop Fake Emotional Support Animals: 2021

Emotional support animals are beneficial for mental health. People who suffer through anxiety and depression can keep an emotional support animal to cope up with their disabilities "ESA letter for housing". If you are thinking of having esa, then you must have heard that you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria as well to have an emotional support animal. If you are eligible then you need to have an esa letter which enables you to take your esa outside in public places. To get an esa letter, contact a registered therapist and ask him to provide you with an esa letter. You need to check a few things in the letter to ensure its validity and credibility.

  1. It must state that you are the current patient of mental health specialists that certified your mental health condition in the letter.
  2. You are under the observation of your doctor who has issued an esa letter to you.
  3. It must also state that your mental condition is a hindrance in participating in at least one regular daily activity.
  4. It should also state that esa is a component of your ongoing treatment and its companionship will help you in overcoming the difficulties.

If your letter has these three things then it is valid and credible to use. Other than this, you need to get an authentic letter.

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that these letters are only valid for 12- months following the day you will obtain your letter from specialized health care therapists. It is just like a medical prescription that does not last forever. If your letter expires, you need to renew it "emotional support animal letter". This is important because if you live in a rental property, you will need this letter to keep your emotional support animal with you. if you decide to travel, even then you will be needing this letter.

The date mentioned in your emotional support animal letter will be the first thing that airlines would check. If it would not be valid, then they will not allow you to take your esa on board. But if your condition is severe and they can feel it from your inability to move normally, then they could allow you but you have to pay pet fee in that case "ESA Letter". They will ask you to store your pet in the pet storeroom in the plane and you cannot keep your esa with you. They can ask you to leave your esa behind but normally it does not happen.

Since many people feel that they need companionship of an esa, they might search online for a letter. Many websites provide esa letters but they are not authentic, if you are already under treatment of any doctor, then you can ask him to provide you an esa letter "emotional support dog letter". You should be aware of doctors and websites that say that we provide esa letters for life. Such claims are not authentic and these letters are not valid as well. An authentic letter has only validity till 12 months after the issuance of the letter. 

In conclusion, without an esa letter, you cannot keep an emotional support animal. You cannot even keep it at home with you if you live in a rental property. Furthermore, you can take your pet on flights as well if you don’t have this letter or letter is not valid. A lot of owners overlook the importance of an esa letter and end up in an embarrassing situation.